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Huyện Kim Sơn

Thứ tư, 31/05/2023

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Thuong temple is also called Tuy Loc temple, currently in hamlet 12, Yen Loc commune. The Thuong temple was built in 1841, in the style of a mallet, consisting of two two places of worship and the harem. Over the past 200 years, the temple has been restored and embellished many times. In 2021, the communal house will be restored with the current architecture

Thuong temple is a place to worship Dong Hai Dai Vuong, Nguyen Phuc, Bach Ngoc Dai Vuong, Sat Hai Dai Vuong, and the generals, ancestors, and graves of martyrs against the French and anti-Americans in Yen Loc commune.


Currently, the relic still preserves a number of precious artifacts such as: 7 ordinations of the Nguyen Dynasty, worshiping thrones, incense bowls, great letters, bells, bronze trays...

The relic was recognized as a provincial historical and cultural relic in 2007.


For the history of the Party Committee of Kim Son district


This is the place where the founding meeting of the Kim Son district Party Committee was held on June 6, 1947. After the August Revolution of 1945, Kim Son district faced fierce confrontation between young revolutionary forces and the reactionaries of the revolution.


Before that situation, Ninh Binh Provincial Party Committee sent many officials to work and build the revolutionary movement in Kim Son.


On June 6, 1947, the meeting to establish the Party Committee of Kim Son district was held at Tuy Loc communal house.


Comrade Nguyen Ngoc Ai - Member of Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee on behalf of Ninh Binh Provincial Party Committee announced that Kim Son District Party Committee was established with 21 party members and appointed Comrade Mai Van Tiem Provisional Secretary of the District Party Committee.


This is an important timeline in the more than 70-year history of construction and development of the Kim Son District Party Committee.

Thuong temple is not only a place to keep precious traditional cultural and historical values of Yen Loc commune, this is also a red address, where the glorious revolutionary tradition of the Party committee and army is educated. and people of Kim Son district for current and future generations.



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