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With pagoda bridge in Hoi An-Quang Nam, Thanh Toan tiled-roof bridge in Huong Thuy district - Thua Thien Hue, Thuong market tiled roof Bridge in Nam Truc district - Nam Dinh, Chua Luong tiled roof bridge in Hai Hau district - Nam Dinh, Phat Diem tiled roof bridge - Phat Diem town, Kim Son district is one of the ancient tiled roof bridges with unique architecture. It is still preserved and used until today.

Phat Diem tiled roof bridge when It was just built


Phat Diem tile bridge was built in the year of the Tiger (1902). The bridge has a rainbow shape, the two sides of the railing are rows of wooden bars that run steadily along the body of the bridge. Tile Bridge has a structure of "upper family lower house" (the upper is the house, below is the bridge) consisting of two parts of the bridge below and the wooden structure-roof system above. The layout of the building has a Nhat typeface structure. The bridge is 31m long, 4.22m wide, divided into 12 compartments, 15 trusses. On the red tiled roof, inside is a system of trusses and pillars. When crossing the bridge, visitors will have a feeling of closeness and familiarity like standing in the house of the people in the northern region. The weight of the bridge is supported on four large pillars.

Roofs, pillars, trusses, forks, locks, rafters, sesame... are all made of ironwood


When newly built, the pillars, beams and beams of the bridge were completely made of wood; The bridge floor is paved with large rectangular green stone slabs. In 1987, when all beams were restored, the beams were replaced by iron and steel; reinforced concrete piers; The bridge deck is made of concrete instead of slabs. The two tiled roofs are basically kept the same.


Phat Diem tiled Bridge is a unique architectural work, which is the largest existing roof bridge in Vietnam. Phat Diem Tile Bridge is ranked as a provincial art architectural relic in 2018.

Phat Diem tiled bridge is a familiar image associated with Kim Son people through many generations


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